Wondering why your carpets are wrinkly, full of lumps and bumps? So do a lot of our carpet repair clients. Improper carpet installation could lead to many problems. If your carpet installers were not professionals, they may have installed the carpet improperly. One major problem is excess carpeting that is tucked underneath the baseboards. Most people start noticing carpet stretching problems right around 4 years after they have been installed. The reason being is that the tack-strips have most likely lost it’s ability to grip onto the excess carpet.

Carpet is intended to be stretched very tightly over the floor, but as it ages it begins to loosen, which creates waves that move up and down when walked on. The longer this is left unrepaired, the more waves and buckles appear. These are not only unattractive, but they can cause the carpet to wear faster and become a tripping hazard this is why you might need Carpet Stretching, Repair or Reseaming.

Over time carpet can develop wrinkles or bulges if it was not installed properly, dragging of heavy furniture, or just everyday wear and tear. When the carpet comes even slightly loose, wrinkles will form, which not only look bad, but can also become a tripping hazard. We have the tools and expertise to stretch carpets back to their crisp (and flat) look.

The #1 culprit? A carpet installer who uses a knee kicker (meant to be a finishing tool, not an installation tool) instead of the recommended power stretcher. We serve the Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach and 30A, Florida areas.